Healthy teeth – healthy dog


Not every owner can boast of the ideal teeth of his dog. But ignoring oral diseases can lead to complete or partial loss of teeth by a pet. It is very important to start treatment in time or to prevent the appearance of diseases at all. Many dogs are now participating in exhibitions, and of course, their owners expect to win, but even if the dog is worthy of her, dental health may be a decisive factor in the fight for first place.

Initially, a puppy, like people, are born toothless, but soon he appeared milk teeth, which are replaced by permanent aged 2-6 months (depending on the breed). When exactly this happens you can find out from a specialist. As a rule, in dogs of small breeds this process lasts a little longer than in larger animals.

If the time has already come, and there has been no change, you should contact an experienced veterinary dentist. During tooth replacement can happen that a baby tooth has not fallen, but in its place is already starting to appear radical, which is due to a very close location to the dairy is growing properly.

The case in which two teeth grow from one place after the appearance of permanent ones requires specialist intervention. Of course, you can remove the unwanted tooth yourself. To do this, you need to carefully pull it out with disinfected tweezers or a similar tool.

If the tooth is upper – it is necessary to pull down, the lower one – upwards. After the extraction of the tooth, a small depression remains in the gum, it does not require treatment and will drag on itself. But to pull out the tooth is only if it is unstable sitting, otherwise it can damage the jaw or gum of the dog.

Quite often in dogs older than two years you can notice plaque on the teeth of yellow color. This does not mean that the dog is sick, but it is still necessary to get rid of it. In order not to damage the tooth enamel and prevent the destruction of the tooth, it is necessary to remove the plaque carefully. A toothbrush with soft bristles is best for this, you can also use a gauze swab.

For cleaning, it is better to take a special dog or baby paste, carefully brush along the outer surface of the tooth, and with the inner dog will manage itself. Using a gauze swab, you just need to wind it on your index finger and do the same as with a brush.

Another trouble that can occur with your dog is the appearance of tartar. As a rule, it occurs when the hygiene of the mouth is neglected. In addition, if there are few vitamins and nutrients in the dog’s food, the likelihood of tartar formation increases. Upon detection of disease in pet need to reduce the number of soft feed containing various sweeteners and starch, to focus on a correct and balanced nutrition, particularly in solid food. For example, carrots, apples and biscuits.

There is also a special granulated food that prevents the formation of tartar. But if your dog was not an exception, and this unpleasant illness struck her, you need to act. In the initial stages, you can clean your teeth yourself, for this you should use a special tool – a scaler or the like.

As a rule, tartar can be easily broken off by small pieces or plates. During the process, slight bleeding from the gums is possible, in this case it is necessary to use cotton wool or gauze soaked in a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. If the dog has an average or severe disease, it is worthwhile to contact a qualified specialist and remove tartar from the veterinary clinic.

If you do not take action on time, the dog’s gums will be irritated and inflamed, resulting in tooth loss or significant damage.

A special role is played by the “beauty” of teeth at dog shows. The owner should monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity, the absence of diseases that affect the enamel, and the formation of the right bite. The bite itself often depends on genetics, but in the process of forming the jaw it can also be spoiled if, during a game with an animal, pulling rags, sticks and the like from his mouth.

Most often, dogs have a snack – when the back teeth are located in front of the front, this defect is sufficiently noticeable and can reduce the chances of winning at the exhibitions. A very common problem is undershot, in this case the lower jaw of the dog is narrow, because of what the teeth can dig into the sky and cause pain.

A special veterinarian-orthodontist is engaged in the correction of occlusion. Do not delay with the treatment in the clinic, the smaller the age of the dog, the faster and easier it is to treat and correct the bite.

It must be remembered that it is necessary to brush your teeth not only when it is necessary, but also for the purpose of prevention. In addition to the fact that the sick teeth look ugly and not aesthetically pleasing, they also cause discomfort to the dog.


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