How do cats die: the symptom and the causes


It’s sad, but death always accompanies us in this life. And not only us, but also our pets. It is very painful, when living side by side with the family, the pet goes to a different world. Since cats often die alone, leaving home, their loss is completely sudden.

Can you understand that your pet is about to leave you forever? Yes, there are such signs. But first we will discuss the main causes of death in cats.


Like a person, age is a predetermining factor. Yes, you can die in 20 years, but the probability of death in 80 years is thousands of times higher. In cats, everything is exactly the same. As a rule, it happens about the age of 16-17. There are unique cases when cats lived to 25 years and more, but this happens very rarely.

If your cat has been with you for more than 13-14 years, it is not difficult to determine the possible term of the outcome. And this is natural, since the laws of biology are common to all. In addition, in translation into our “language”, the cat’s fifteenth birthday corresponds to a human age of 74 years. An animal, like a person, becomes infirm, life no longer gives the former joy: to play and frolic like a cat the cat will not be anyway. To be tormented in this case it is not necessary: your pet has lived the long and sated life.

Simply put, death from old age is the most common in this world. This is natural, although very sad.


Almost always all living beings leave this world because of illnesses. The healthy only die from accidents and intentional murders. Because of what most often die cats?

First, from renal insufficiency. This is especially true for cats, and neutered. The fact is that such animals are very often observed urolithiasis, which is poorly treated and, in many cases, leads to death due to the complete inefficiency of excretory organs. Simply put, the body itself is poisonous.

Of course, with chronic insufficiency, the animal can live a long time. But it should be young enough, and your veterinarian – experienced, able to appoint the most appropriate treatment. As soon as the body’s forces are depleted (and this happens very quickly), the disease rapidly passes into the acute stage.

If the animal is already old, and the symptoms of the disease are becoming more threatening, do not torment him. It is better to bring a pet to a veterinary clinic and put it to sleep. It sounds cruel, but it is much more humane than the artificial prolongation of life. And what kind of life is it when a cat has to constantly keep on a dropper and medicines, watching how she suffers from pain?


Usually animals become calm, sluggish. If the cat is really attached to you, then she constantly caresses, tries to spend with the person as much as possible. Even old cats, who have been “beeches” all their lives and have not especially communicated with their owners, change their behavior at the very end of their lives.

It happens that even old cats, who already do not walk, start playing with the host with their last strength, murchat. This behavior is indicative not of a “second youth”, but of a premonition to animals of an early withdrawal. Use this time, play with your pet and try to fondle him more often. Such signs say that you will not stay together for long.
However, this is not always the case. If a cat dies from an oncology or other serious illness, then death is often quiet. The animal no longer has any strength, so it simply falls into unconsciousness and leaves.

Many know that old cats often leave home shortly before their death. And in fact, this phenomenon is of a massive nature: it was written about by both domestic and foreign authors.


Because of what do cats leave the house to die? Theories that try to explain such behavior are many. Someone believes that the animal does not want to injure its owners, trying to remain in their memory young, but scientists offer a more “materialistic” explanation.
The fact that cats – in themselves are sufficiently closed and calm animals. Perhaps they perceive their condition as a disease, and therefore they wish to lie in a quiet and remote place. Again, there are plenty of cases when dying cats literally said goodbye to their masters, sitting on their hands for a long time and purring, and then got up and left to never come again. It’s not like a simple instinct. It is possible that domestic cats and really feel the onset of the end.

Ironically, oncology often collects its grievous harvest among domestic pets. However, this is not surprising: old people also often die of cancer, and a cat at 15 years fully corresponds to the concept of “very old man.” You can keep your pet on painkillers (which in our country is almost unreal), but it is better to help him leave without pain and suffering. Especially since it’s really scary to look at such animals: a sight full of anguish, a body that looks like a dead body …

Do not know how long the cats die with cancer? It all depends on age: the younger can suffer for months, while the old animals die in a few days. Of course, an experienced veterinarian must necessarily inspect the cat: it is possible that the tumor can be removed, and then your pet will be saved.

Do you know the difference between all the reasons that we described above? Its predictability. No matter how sad the old cat could be, it can always be “understood”. But the panleikopenia may well kill a young, full of energy and energy cat in just a few days. As a rule, about 90% of all diseased kittens die from the chum (popular name of the disease).

Animals in a more mature age, if not die on day 3-4, usually recover. But there is often a super-fast current, in which death occurs suddenly and in general for no apparent reason. But how to understand that a cat is dying?


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