How to entertain a cat


It’s not true that the game is only necessary for kittens. Adult cats, especially sociable breeds such as balinese, Siamese, Cornish Rex, Abyssin, are happy to play at any age. Of course, any purrs most like the attention of the owner.

To share a time of forwarding well suited toys are teasers from feathers on a long stick, “fishing rods” Rotman Disign, small items that you can throw, and cat catch. But what can you do to make your cat not bored while you are away?

Provide the cat with toys

Buy for her toys of different shapes and from different materials: mice, balls, rustles, gremelki – everything will go to work. Make or purchase “interactive” toys. The simplest is a box of cardboard with slots, inside of which you can put several different toys. Most cats are very keen to pull the contents of the box through the hole.

Regularly change toys

Our cats are like children: they love new entertainment. But if you sometimes clean up old toys and change them to new ones in a few days, your world will be much more interesting for your pet. As toys, you can use also improvised means: lids from yoghurts, small plastic jars or bottles.

Watch for security

If the toy has small parts that can fall off or are easily bitten off, it will be safer to remove them or give such a toy only under supervision. Swallowed spouts from mice, strings, feathers can harm the health of the pet. Although most manufacturers use high-quality materials, it is not superfluous to insure themselves.

Cat toys for yourself

Most toys can be easily done by yourself. A bow on a string, a “rustling bag”, a rattle from a plastic bottle and several peas will be appreciated. From a single tent for cat Sturdi and carrying SturdiBag in a few minutes will be a great gaming complex.

A little time, imagination, creativity and your cat will no longer have to be bored alone!


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