How to wean cat mark territory


Many owners for years puzzle over how to wean the cat to mark the territory. The yellowed upholstery of furniture, puddles there and there, a hideous smell, floating in the air and impregnating all things – a real nightmare for clean people.

Shouts, punishments, sprays – nothing helps? It’s time to find out why cats are tagged in the apartment and on the street to find a solution, applying an individual approach, rather than generalized advice.

The hour has come

Sweet fluffy lump! Such clever eyes, such a funny tail! Watching the growing up of crumbs, the owners forget about how quickly time flies. But it would be worthwhile beforehand to ask the veterinarian when the cats begin to mark the territory and what can be done to avoid unwanted behavior. But like a bolt from the blue, the first tags often shock the family: “How come, he’s perfectly educated ?!” Unfortunately, this is almost inevitable: during the sexual maturation all cats and some cats begin to mark corners, sofas, shoes and clothes. There is a wonderful remedy for cats not to be labeled – castration before puberty. For cats of the eastern group this is about six months old, for brutal Siberians and other solid kotyars – about seven to nine months. If you are late with castration, the likelihood that you will be able to cope with the urine habit is much lower.

And what about the tribal producers? In the vast majority of cases, breeders have to put up with stains, smells and puddles. A cat that has mated even once, marks more actively and more often. Before you tie a cat, the male carefully impregnates the smell of the room, showing the lady who is the master here.

What are marks?

When cats start tagging, owners often take this behavior for uncleanliness. The mustachioed hooligan is poked with a muzzle in the tray and in every possible way convinces that it is here that it is necessary to cope with the need. However, educational measures are ineffective, and sometimes exacerbate the situation. The fact is that tags are a kind of ritual that has nothing to do with the desire to empty the bladder.

If the cat marks in the apartment, the smell is stupefying – this is not the “fragrance” that comes from the dirty tray. Studies of the liquid that males spray on the corners, showed that its chemical composition is different from ordinary urine: here and ferromones, and hormones, and even seminal fluid. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between banal illiteracy and real labels.

Since cats mark the territory in a peculiar way, one only needs to watch the process: the cat turns to the object with its back, pulls its hind legs so that the liquid gets as high as possible, lifts the tail and shakes it at the moment when a disgusting spray splashes on the surface. Is that how it is? Then you really need to know what to do if the cat marks the corners. If the pet, sitting down low, empties in the wrong place, the article “How to train a cat to the tray” will help you.

Why do cats do it?

Almost all owners, faced with the problem of labels, are thinking about how to wean the cat to mark the territory. But few people are trying to find out the cause of “hooliganism”. But only knowing the reason, you can find the right decision in this or that situation. The main thing that should be remembered: labels – this is the strongest instinct and the way of information transfer. The cat, sniffing someone else’s mark, will know the age and sex of the stranger, its territorial status, physical condition and degree of sexual readiness. When cats start to tag at home, they try to tell us something, even without realizing that a person is not capable of understanding the message by smell alone.

I am looking for a wife”

The desire to find a partner is one of the most frequent causes of labels and cats, and cats. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to defeat natural instincts by education alone.

If a cat catches an apartment for this reason, you can try the following methods of exposure:

  • temporarily reduce the amount of protein in the food;
  • to treat favorite places of “hooliganism” with lemon juice or special repellent liquid;
  • to lay in the corners aluminum foil, which almost all cats do not like to walk around;
  • spray on the apartment fluid saturated with ferromones “happiness” (sold at pet stores);
  • consult with your doctor about the advisability of hormone therapy. Before using hormonal drugs, blood tests are mandatory.

But the best measure to combat the antics of moustached lovelace is castration. And the earlier this procedure is carried out, the more chances for a complete success (not earlier than five months of age, since the cat’s sexual system must be formed before the operation).

If a castrated cat is being scanned immediately after surgery – do not worry. It should take some time before the hormonal background changes. A sharp decrease in the level of sex hormones is a strong stress, so it is better to suffer, but to keep the pet health, than to apply corrective drugs that literally shock the body. If more than three months have passed, and the situation has not changed for the better, ask the doctor why the castrated cat marks. Perhaps, the behavioral feature is not related to sexual desire or there is a hormonal imbalance.

I’m bored

Regardless of how sociable the pet is, it can sometimes be lacking in attention. Temperamental Siamese loudly protest, respectable British gently offer the game, and the closed Persians quietly suffer from loneliness. If the owner does not understand the signals being fed, the cat goes on to the action – it marks the clothes, shoes, bag, sleeping place of a loved one. The owner grabs the newspaper and rushes after the insolent – the goal is achieved, attention is captured. Do cats after castration test if they are bored? Of course, because castration changes only those aspects of behavior that are associated with the desire to find a partner.

The solution: give your pet more attention, talk more with him, often take it in your hands, play, and in every possible way surround with care and love.

I’m scared

Whatever the cause of the fright, the result is one – the pet loses self-confidence. Ethologists have proved that cats, surrounded by the smell of their own labels, feel more confident and calmer. How to dare a cat to mark a door, corners and furniture in such a situation? First, you need to find the cause of fear and, if possible, eliminate it or minimize it. Secondly, you should communicate more with the pet, physically load it and dilute everyday life with new impressions (distraction is a great way to defeat fear).

It hurts me

One of the reasons why a castrated cat marks is a physical malaise. Regardless of gender, age and ability to mate, cats, when experiencing pain, attract attention with the help of labels. The solution is only one – show the pet to the doctor, diagnose and begin treatment.

I’m jealous

From the point of view of a cat, jealousy is a serious reason for uncleanliness. If a well-born pet, who has never before measured, suddenly allows himself this freedom, it is worth analyzing the events of recent days. There are many reasons for jealousy: guests, especially dogs, family replenishment, arrival of relatives, etc.

Can cats after castration test if they have another animal? It all depends on the nature of the pet and the line of behavior of the owners. If the family tells the old-timer that he is still appreciated and loved, everything will be all right.

This is my territory

If the family lives in the private sector, the owners quickly guess why cats tag the territory of the house. The moustached owner patrols the borders daily and constantly updates the tags, protesting against the invasion. Scold, chase, splash? All this, sorry, nonsense: in the US, a record was registered – 62 tags per hour! Imagine how much time you have to spend to punish or frighten each active kotofey every time?

Since cats mark the territory of the apartment and with the reason, and without (from the person’s point of view), it is sometimes very difficult to find out the root cause. An important role is played by the nature of the pet: it is sometimes impossible to suppress the expressed territorial instinct by educational measures, as in the case of sexual hunting. Such a cat can pour all around even because the owner dared to move his “sofa” or bring new furniture to the house. What can we say about uninvited guests, a new pet or the appearance of a child in the house!

Unfortunately, castration copes with steep temper only in half the cases. But when a castrated cat is measuring, puddles do not appear so often and almost do not smell. And sometimes the tags finally turn into a demonstration of the character: the cat tugs the ass, shakes its tail, but there is no liquid. To scold a cat pretending to territory is pointless. So the owner will only aggravate the situation, especially if the cat decides that it has not clearly defined its status. Gently scold, shake your finger, grate the corners with lemon juice, communicate more and play more often, proving your love – this method works much more efficiently.


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