Clothing for cats

 Some cats feel cold because of their inborn features like very short coat or lack of it. Others need warmth because of illness. Pregnant and nursing cats as well as pets undergone a surgery also require special attention. In many cases clothes for cats is an objective necessity, not just a whim of the owner.


 Most cats are really picky in what they eat, who they want to get into contact with, where they sleep. The same principle is relevant to clothes, even sphinx cats that feel extremely cold without warm sweaters, would wear only the clothing pleasant to the touch. The pet may shiver from cold, but at the same time absolutely disagree to wear itchy woolen sweaters. Traditional cat’s obstinacy makes choosing the clothes a real problem, so pay attention to the material and make sure that the new garment will not cause any discomfort. The easiest way is to touch the inner side of the product with your face. 

 Unlike dogs cats clothes rarely used just for dressing out. In most cases clothes for cats is used because of objective need and not for the sake of fashion. Therefore the choice of cat’s clothes in pet shops isn’t too large, and the quality of products offered often doesn’t meet your expectations. In such cases handmade clothing for cats is the way out! You can sew a light blanket of printed cotton or linen, a sweater can be made of merino angora rabbit wool and for a waterproof jumpsuit it would be better to choose delicate fleece or smooth satin.


 The beloved mistress of Henry II, Diane de Poitiers, was very fashion-conscious. Her love to finery was so great that she wanted her pets to be of a piece: in addition to every new dress her tailors created a unique dress pattern for her cats. Diana’s pets were dressed with splendor in multilayered skirts and even corsets. Of course, such clothes hampered the movements and hardly brought joy to the cats.


 Thought the idea of buying attractive cat clothing that would be most fashionable in this season, first of all it is vital to keep in mind that convenience is much more important. Clothing should be sewn in accordance with the physiology of cats, using a minimum number of seams that rub the skin and damage the coat, as well as with the minimum number of rivets, buttons, fasteners, etc. In this regard handmade clothes for cats are an ideal option if you want to take into account all individual characteristics of your pet’s physique. If you aren’t inspired by some needlework, you can use the services of tailors.

How to train your cat to wear clothing?

 To train an adult cat to wear something unusual is not a piece of cake. Cats are like capricious princess aware of their irresistible beauty and not willing to hide it from the eyes of admirers. Your pet may use teeth and claws trying to pull off the outfit or tear it to shreds. To calm the cat, you need to distract it with a treat or with a game, to take it in your arms and walk around the room. If the clothes isn’t a temporary solution, but a vital necessity, the cat should be trained to wear clothes when a kitten. To start with you can use a convenient suit or a sweater made of natural material, without any adornments. For the first time that would be enough if you can wears its clothes for a few minutes, do not take your pet for a walk or to the exhibition immediately, at home it feels more confident and comfortable.

 It would be better to use knitted garments as the first cat’s clothes. Knitted sweaters wrap around the body, but don’t restrict movements, and natural wool smells so attractive that many cats start chewing them. It’s much easier to get used to knitted clothes, after that you may start putting on something else.

Precautionary measures


 A dressed cat may accidentally hurt itself left unattended:

  • There are cases where a cat dressed in a knitted sweater broke its claws and dislocated its limbs trying to scratch. Therefore, especially the first time, it is undesirable to leave your pet alone;
  • Beads, ribbons and other adornments attract curious pets. Cat can tear a small piece and swallow it. Therefore, all accessories must be securely fastened;
  • Ribbons, wide collars and lush sleeves may cause serious injuries. Cats can catch the handle of the wardrobe or other raised object, therefore clothes to wear at home when the cat is left unattended must be of appropriate fashion: fitting and with no unnecessary elements. Online stores and magazines can give you an idea of dress patterns for cats, designed for safety.


 Do not forget that cats often clean their coat. Long wearing prevents your pet from maintaining the coat clean and neat, this may lead not only to the hygiene problems, but even to stress. Therefore owners should not keep their cats dressed all the time.


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