Houses for cats


 A desire to stay alone for a while sometimes occurs not only in humans but also in pets. Being independent cats have a great need of having a quiet cozy place. Houses for cats are a nook where you pet can hide from curious visitors or to have a sweet nap after a delicious dinner.



 Staying alone once in a while is necessary for cats. Having a rest with no one around helps to relax and contributes to stress relief at the same time regulating the mental activity of a pet. Modern houses for cats come in different designs; they may be made of different materials and decorated with useful and nice elements, like scratching posts, toys, windows and ladders.



 Cardboard cat houses are short-lived, but cats seem to like them. There are many different designs available. Such houses are sold unassembled with assembly instructions: some parts are fixed with slots. They usually have windows, doors and toys hanging. Your children can help in house decoration using their pencils or paints. Cats are fond of sharpening their claws against durable cardboard walls and gnawing them. Handmade cardboard house for cats can be made out of a big box; all you need is just to cut some windows and doors.



 Canvas awnings for cats are waterproof and hard-wearing enough. Among other advantages there are: attractive price, light weight, compact size (when folded up). There are many different forms; such cat houses may have a removable roof, doors and windows, pockets for small items that can be done up with a zipper or a Velcro fastener. Such cat houses are convenient for trips to exhibitions or to the country. Cats love these houses because they can be flipped and dragged around the room: a bedroom and a toy at the same time.



 Soft cat houses are very popular among owners and approved by most of cats. Cozy plush, faux fur, velvet or carpeting makes such a house a king bed! Nevertheless there are several disadvantages of this type: such cat houses are not too durable, since cats like sharpening their claws against a rough surface. One more significant drawback is that such houses are very difficult to clean, especially during molting, also they collect dust. But for the sake of convenience of your beloved princess or prince you can make some tiny sacrifice, right?



 Rattan wicker houses for cats are a real chic. This eco-friendly material is very durable. However, over time the pet may spoil the appearance of the product: because cats consider it delicious to gnaw twigs or to sharpen claws against the wicker walls. But this house is easy to clean and easy to be re-designed, for example, by replace a boring cushion with another one of different color.


 Wooden cat houses may resemble both small apartment and huge cottages depending on a model. Hardwood will last for more than one year, exuding a natural smell that is so loved by cats. Since the house of wood weighs a lot, the design must be stable. Cat houses for being used outside are equipped with all the comforts: automatic feeders, floor heating, automatic door connected with a sensor on the cat’s collar etc.



 Cat houses made of plastic are available in all shapes and sizes. They are almost indestructible and can retain their original appearance for many years. If you put a soft pillow inside the “cave”, your cat will get quite a cozy bedroom. It is important to buy a high quality house, because cheap plastic emits harmful substances.


 If you decide to make a cat house with your hands or you’re looking for the best one of the range presented in a pet store, it is important to remember the following rules:



  • Nails shouldn’t be used to secure the parts of the structure, since the cat can get seriously hurt;

  • Removable roof facilitates cleaning the house;

  • Windows should be of such size that your pet couldn’t get stuck there;

  • Heavy construction must either be fixed to the floor or to the wall or to be stable enough, so that a running cat couldn’t overturn the house;

  • A sleeper is much more attractive for cats if it is situated at the top. The most popular design available in pet stores: a sleeper on the ground floor and a scratching post on the first floor – is a bad option. It is better to choose an opposite one where a rough stairway leads up to the cat sleeper, located at the top;

  • Various toy-teasers increase the attractiveness of the product, but they must be securely fastened.



 A cat house shouldn’t be placed near doors and passages, as well as in the draft. In addition, it is desirable to avoid placing it near radiators: a cat sleeping next to a radiator becomes mollycoddled, its immunity decreases and mucous membranes get dried during the sleep, and eventually the coat fades and becomes brittle.


 To make a comfortable, safe and attractive handmade cat house you can borrow some ideas carefully studying the design of a nice house (that you have found in a pet store or on the photo online). The materials you can use are: plywood, board or chipboard, carpeting or plush. Suitable and safe fasteners are bolts and L-bars. If you have the right tools at home, assembling a cat house will take you only a couple of hours and your cat will enjoy the comfort for years.



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