How to identify your cat’s breed?


 Your pet is always the cutest for you: be it rich-coated or completely coatless, be the coat spotted or monochromatic, be your cat long-eared or short-tailed and big-eyed, robust or graceful. And the happiness that your cat brings to your family doesn’t depend on the breed your cat belongs to (if any). However, many owners are interested in methods used to identify cat’s breed.



 The only reliable method to identify a cat breed is to look it up in the cat’s pedigree. Pedigree animals should have proper documents otherwise they can’t be considered so. But there are situations where there are no documents, but it is really necessary for the owner to identify the breed of a foundling. And sometimes a kitten found or presented can belong to a popular breed.


 First of all you should take a few photos of your pet. They should be of high quality: in profile, lying and sitting, a portrait photo and a full-length photo. Upload these photos at any cat forum or send them to a local feline club for competent people could identify similarity of the cat with any breed. You can compare the appearance of your cat to photos of pedigree cats placed in magazines or on websites of professional cat nurseries. If the similarity is obvious not only to the owner, we could advice to stop at this point or to try to get a certificate.


 For example, some competent people believe that the cat in the photo belongs to the Thai cat breed. Now you can go to a local feline club and to apply for a certificate. Felinologists should provide the information about the methods to identify the breed and what kind of paperwork should be done to get a certificate. Depending on the system, in which this club is registered, you might need to take part in an exhibition or in a show, and to get at least two or three excellent marks from different experts, with a note “fit for breeding”. Also in the documents it should be written that the cat belongs to the novice class. If the examiner finds that the cat’s pedigree meets the standard, it will be possible to issue a so-called “zero pedigree.” This document gives the right to participate in exhibitions and breeding.


 Consultations of breeders and taking part in exhibitions, as well as getting a certificate will require a lot of time and money and therefore it doesn’t always make sense to go that far. Unfortunately, a cat with zero pedigree is unlikely to win major exhibitions and or to become a valuable representative of the breed. The degree of cat’s affection to the owner and their family won’t change from fact that from now on it is not just a cat, but a pedigree cat. Take care of your pet just because it gives you love and warmth. Pets have affection to their owners not for their pedigree or some extraordinary qualities; your cat will never ask you: “Who are your ancestors? Kings or farmers?”


 Some owners get so upset, because they can’t identify the cat’s breed. But it shouldn’t impact the advantages and merits of your pet! Ordinary cats can also take part in exhibitions. Of course, they won’t be able to get titles, but they can be awarded with a prize for being “The cutest house cat in this show,” and so on, and can get some valuable gifts. In order to participate in a cat beauty contest you pet shouldn’t resemble any existing breed, but should have its own quirks. In addition, the animal must be neutered or spayed.


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