Toys for cats

 Cat’s life is a wonderful example of happy and careless life full of interesting experience. Cats enjoy their food, have plenty of rest and are fond of playing. In their natural habitat cats can always find some new things to play with: be it sunbeams, butterflies and blown leaves – it doesn’t matter, cats enjoy the game itself. Toys for cats are a great alternative that allows pets to develop mentally, to keep fit and to satisfy their hunting instinct.

Which toy would be interesting to a cat?

 Each cat has a unique character and its own ways of behavior. Some pets may chase paper balls for hours, playing some kind of soccer with their forelegs; others may throw up these balls in the air and catch those making incredible tricks. And some of them just tear the paper balls into small pieces. To find out which toy will be interesting to a cat, just watch your pet for a while: maybe it is fond of dragging a shoe lace or trying to catch the ball rolled under the sofa? You may conduct an experiment: handmade toys for cats help in identifying what new products in pet industry will be worth the money spent. If the pet becomes interested in the homemade analog, it will surely enjoy branded toy having similar qualities.


 Glowing balls, balls working on batteries, toy mice, and feather teasers to play with the cat – the range of toys nowadays is enormous. At pet stores there are special rubber toys, scented chewing sticks that smell like fish and toy mice that look as if they were alive. The variety of shapes, sizes, and innovative ideas will help you to choose toys your cat will definitely enjoy to play with. For example, a simple rod is a great toy to entertain many cat owners and their pets: plastic stick, which with a “bait” attached to a long rubber band. Balls working on batteries that can arbitrarily changing the direction of motion are also very popular and available in most pet stores. And imagine how much fun your cat may experience trying to catch a mouse that pops out of the mink when you push the button!

 In order not to let your cat get bored playing with the same toy all the time, it is recommended to hide the toys for a while, replacing them with new ones. In a couple of weeks the pet will forget about the old one and will play with the “newly-appeared” one with great pleasure.

 Simple homemade toys for cats are short-lived, but making your cat delighted is definitely worth some minutes spent on making hand-made toys. For example, you may put several pieces of dry feed in a small container of chocolate eggs and you’ll get a nice cat rattle. You may create a great fishing rod, if you thread a lace through a cocktail stick and make a big know at one end in order to keep it fixed, and fasten the “bait” to the other end.

Educational toys

 Particularly interesting are the logical pet toys designed not only to train the muscles, but also to develop mental abilities. It’s a great distraction technique for dependent pets: when the owner is working the cat solves some problems or enjoys the unusual game for hours instead of missing the owner all the time having a fear of loneliness. Modern interactive toys for cats amaze with variety of ideas, simplicity of execution and the degree of attraction. Sometimes not only cats get interested in new toys, but the whole family, especially children, who may spend a lot of time next to a long labyrinth or a game pad.

 Among the most popular toys there are multilevel game tracks. There is a rail in their base, along which a cat may chase a ball. The ball is hidden inside the base and can be got through the holes of different shapes. At the top of the toy a “prey” on the spring is added for having more fun. The described variant is most popular, but there are many modifications available.

Labyrinth consisting of sections which can be connected arbitrary. Inside the toy there is a glowing ball working on batteries. Cats catch the “prey”, grabbing it with their legs through the holes in the pipe.

 “Cheese” House is a hollow construction with lots of toys hidden inside. The pet catches toys through the holes of different shapes and sizes. There are many variants of this toy.

 Puzzle toys for cats with their hands – not an easy task. But if you show imagination, it is real. For example, “cheese house” can be made from a flat cardboard box maze – of connected tape circumcision plastic bottles. One can only cut the holes and hide inside the toy.
 Handmade educating toys for cats are not an easy thing to make. But if you have some imagination, the task isn’t that complicated real. For example, a “cheese” house can be made from a flat box, a labyrinth – of plastic bottles connected with sticky tape. All you need to is cut the holes and to hide toys inside.

 Automatic laser pointer is another entertainment that won’t make bored even most demanding cats. Such a laser pointer works during a preset time “jumping” along an arbitrary path and entertaining you cat.

 When buying a pet toy, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the product. All fittings must be securely fastened. Smell of plastic or rubber means that the toy is made of cheap raw material. Artificial colors can cause allergies, so toys containing small parts that a cat can swallow (feather or fur), must not be of “acid” colors.


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