Cat mating


 Cats are independent and proud animals in any situation. They are singles – so no wonder cat mating is less about dating and more about military actions. And, unfortunately, owners can never be sure what the result will be: bites and scratches or little pretty kittens. But acting right the owner may significantly increase the chance for success.

Getting ready


 The first mating for a female cat should happen no earlier than after the third estrus. Planning to get kittens, you need to prepare you cat to this event well in advance. Terms of vaccination are adjusted so that the vaccination was carried out no later than one month prior to mating. Two weeks prior to this event the cat should be taken to the vet clinic and undergo the microflora smear procedure. Ten days before mating you should take care of your pet’s prevention (or treatment) for fleas and worms. The first mating for a male cat is possible as it achieves the puberty age (about eight months). Male cat should also be absolutely healthy, well-groomed, vaccinated and in good condition.


 Female cat owner should look for a “groom” for their pet in advance. For an inexperienced princess it is better to choose a skillful prince, and vice versa. Otherwise, cats mating may be a failure as inexperienced pets are usually very nervous. It would be great if you can meet with the “groom” owner in person and inspect the cat, check the documents and negotiate the terms of mating. If the parties come to a mutual agreement, everything needed is just to wait for cat’s heat.


Documentary question


 No matter how wonderful mating animals are, their kittens will be considered purebred, unless the following conditions are observed:


  • both parents must have pedigrees and must be admitted to breeding (registration at the feline club, examination, registration as a producer through the club or at the head office of the selected feline organization);
  • A signed standard contract of cat mating, a sample of which can be downloaded from the feline club website or provided by the club administration. Act of mating is a document containing the information about both the cats and their titles, information about their owners, mating conditions and the date. Such a contract is made in two copies; the parties shall exchange the copies of pedigrees and copies of their passports.



 Usually cat mating is paid upon confirmation of pregnancy or after the birth of kittens. Sometimes, instead of money cat owners take a kitten on the right of first refusal. Payment method as well as the sum – is the personal business of parties. The main thing that the owners agreed and fully complied with their obligations.


 There are some rules and nuances of cat mating that are different in different feline systems and organizations. Details can be discusses at the feline club. For example, you can’t organize mating with two different cats within one month or you can register only three litters for two years. If three litters are born from different cats but have the same defects, the cat is excluded from breeding (for the male cat the similar rules apply). If the female cat is under ten months old, the litter won’t be registered. 


The “big day”


 Most suitable time for mating is between day 3 and 5 of cat’s heat. In most cases, the male cat “invites” the lady to his place. The hosts should provide the guests with the following dating conditions:


  • closed window or solid mosquito net;
  • no breakable objects and potted plants;
  • multilevel organization of space (shelves, cat trees for climbing, etc.);
  • the access to the slots behind the cupboard, sofa and other furniture is blocked.



 Cat mating is a noisy and sometimes even risky process, so it is important to carefully inspect the apartment, identifying all the places that can be potentially dangerous. In order to prevent the animals from hurting each other, the claws must be trimmed and polished with a nail file. Mating cats having no experience a lot of stress, so it is advisable to cut the feeding portion twice the day before mating. Female cat shouldn’t be overfed either since you leave it in a new place for a couple days. Before the “big day” it is not recommended to bathe the animals, as water washes away the characteristic smell of mature animals.


Cat mating lasts for several hours or even days, during which the animals may mate multiple times. Leaving your pet alone in someone else’s house, you need to take care of its comfort: bring the litter with hits favorite filler, its cat house, bowls and familiar feed.


The first date


 Appearing in an unfamiliar environment, the cat is nervous and it’s ok. It’s no need to force your cat to get out of its carrying – let it rest and get used to new smells and sounds, it will calm down and come out of the hiding. If it is the right day, the male cat gets immediately interested in a new guest: it walks around in circles and meows invitingly looking at the female. If this is the first mating for a female cat, an impregnable lady isn’t likely to allow the cat get closer, hissing and trying to scratch the male. Such behavior is typical for some experienced, but proud cats also – no need to interfere with their game until a serious fight started.


 Male cats feel the mood of their partners and use a variety of tactics. With a modest lady the cat is likely to behave cautiously, fearing to scare her. Brawlers may be surprised: the male cat may just come up and teach the stubborn guest a lesson hitting the female with its paws. No need to worry: cat behavior will inevitable change after mating, it will show cat a favor and stop being of this male.


 In the end, the female gives up and allows the male to get closer. The male cat sniffs the partner, rubs against its head and licks. Then follows a series of attempts to mount: the male is trying to act behind the female, while the female cat hisses and bounces the male with its paw. The male moves away and retries. Such courtship can last for several hours: the female cat owner has already gone home, and the owner of the male cat shouldn’t interfere without good reason. Animals should be left alone, but the owner should be attentive and ready to help in case the sounds of a fight are heard. 


Mating process


 Finally the female gets tired to resist and lets its guard down. The male enjoys a moment: jumps on the female’s back, crushes the female under with its forepaws, bites into the female’s neck and completes the action with a sharp movement. The female is stunned and frightened by both the arrogance and such sudden pain – it turns sharply and scratches the male cat screaming violently. Cunning cat jumps away and hides nearby, waiting until the female calms down.
Actually mating itself lasts only a few seconds, so in most cases the cats won’t get serious injuries. If a cat lacks confidence, and the female cat is very stubborn, the owner should hold the lady in a natural position for mating. If the “bride” is much larger than the male, you need to gently hold female’s wither so that the male could grab the female’s skin on the back just a bit below the usual point – the male appears in a comfortable position for mating.


 The female’s behavior changes significantly after mating: the pet calms down and becomes good-natured. The male can come up to the lady to help in the wash. The female licks itself, rolls on the floor and purring. Cats may sleep, eat and even play together – people shouldn’t disturb the idyll with their presence. After the first mount the female is more likely to let the male try once more, but some cats continue to resist. The female usually asks the male for mating again in an hour or two. The gentleman reciprocates, and again – the mount attempts, mating itself and mutual tenderness.


Returning home


 In advance the owners agree on the time when the female cat owner comes to drive the pet home. Now it is important to sign the contract and exchange contacts, copies of documents and photos of pets. For the female cat owner the photo of the kittens’ father is additional advantage, because clients want to see not only the cat-mother, but the cat-father also. 


 After mating the female cat looks tired and kind of exhausted. You should take the pet home as soon as possible and leave alone for a while having provided with everything necessary. But first, you should carefully examine the pet for deep scratches and bites. If there are some you need to treat them with hydrogen peroxide and an antiseptic. The male cat should also be examined and treated if necessary.


 The female cat may be willing to mate for another 2-3 days. It is ok, because the body can’t immediately understand that the desired event has already happened. In several days the heat is over and your cat stops being that active calling for males and requiring attention. In a couple of weeks you can visit a vet clinic to make sure the cat is pregnant. Sometimes pregnancy doesn’t stop heat. If a female cat in such a state mates with a male, it may happen that embryos will have different fathers and will differ in age. Such a situation is extremely dangerous for the health of your pet, so until the half period of pregnancy is over, the female cat should be protected from communication with the opposite sex.


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