Female cat spaying: necessity or harm?

 Timely spaying prolongs the lives of our four-legged friends. Spaying regulates the number of homeless animals. Spayed cats are happy and carefree. These facts are proved, and it’s up to you to agree or to disagree with them. However, there are people who are strongly against such measures. Maybe their arguments deserve attention?

 It is up to the owner to decide, whether to spay the cat or not. For many people it is a difficult choice, because there are many myths about possible harm and terrible consequences of this procedure. Zoologists agree with the idea of professional spaying of cats in vet clinics, but they are against amateurish methods, use of hormonal preparations and keeping fertile animals that pose no breeding value. What are other arguments against spaying and do they correspond to the reality?

1. Cats should have litter according to their nature

 This argument is the result of humanizing animals. People treat their children with great care. For most women, infertility is a terrible tragedy. However, cats perceive their kids differently. They just follow instincts, caring for kittens for a short period of time. As soon as kittens grow up, cats give up their physical and emotional care: female kittens become their rivals, males – sexual partners. Mating, cats don’t think about how great it would be to raise kittens. Cats that are kept at home, don’t suffer from the lack of kittens, but from being hormonal unstable and because of unsatisfied animal instinct. After spaying female cats don’t have any thoughts of her being different, because they are just incapable of it.

2. Spayed cats are unhappy because they are deprived of sexual pleasures

 Scientists believe that females of warm-blooded animals don’t enjoy the process of coupling, because there is no need. Males are usually larger and stronger, so they can cope with their primary tasks without female partner’s “assistance”. During mating female cats tend to resist, but males bite their withers holding them tightly. Male cat’s penis is provided with penile spines (thorns) that rake the walls of the female’s vagina up to the ejaculation. Yes, spaying of female cats deprives them of this “pleasure”, which is only an advantage.

 But why do cats look for a mating partner in their heat periods? The fact is they are not aware of what would happen to them after the “groom” appears. Cats are driven by hormones, not by the carnal desire.

3. There is no use to spaye the cats that are kept at home, because they can’t get pregnant


 Cats having no contact with the opposite sex experience a lot of stress. One of the main instincts, the instinct of reproduction, can’t be fully followed, so the body is making more efforts to achieve the goal. It produces more hormones and the cat becomes concentrated on the desire to attract partner, estrus occur more often. Cat spaying normalizes hormone production. Now the pet doesn’t feel burning sexual desire anymore, stops marking its territory, stops screaming and tearing furniture and walls. Affectionate and calm the cat plays with the owner and don’t annoy the family with its behavior. Feeling safe and feeling love of the owner the cat becomes more sociable and trustful.

4. Spaying shortens cats’ lives and makes them sick

 On the contrary – spaying prolongs life. Having a walk the cat can get paired with stray cats, and it may have negative consequences: 

  • the risk of infestation and STD infections is increased;
  • during mating cats can get serious injuries;
  • pregnancy and labors reduce the life expectancy, and in the case of a disease can lead to death.

 After spaying cat’s behavior changes to playfulness and tranquility. The cat no longer suffers competing with other females, doesn’t run away searching for a mating partner. Cat reserves the former territory, but now it doesn’t care about male cats resting in the sun, chasing butterflies in the garden and having fun.

Fertile cats have higher risk of cancer, pyometra, cysts (because of overabundance of hormones) and tumors development. It doesn’t matter, whether the cat gets regularly pregnant or not. Cat after spaying carried out before the first heat reduces the risk of having breast cancer with a probability down to 1%! The diseases of the uterus and ovaries are no longer possible, because these organs are completely removed.

5. Spayed cats turn into sleepyheads and lazybones

 It is easy to predict what the behavior of a cat after spaying would look like. You just need to watch its behavior between heats. Infantile Persian cats spending all day long sleeping will remain the same. Active cats that enjoy hunting and games won’t become less active. The only change will be associated with the desire to find a mating partner.

 Besides we shouldn’t forget about the kittens born, because they need a home. If your pet isn’t highbred, it becomes a problem, because people tend to buy cats of famous breeds. Please keep in mind breeding is a huge responsibility, not an entertainment, no matter how cute kittens are.


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