The dog eats feces: why and how to wean?


Theme, to put it mildly, is not pleasant. But that’s why the owners want to know why the dog eats feces – very few people like to watch this process, smell from the mouth and touch the muzzle of the pet after the committed “crime.” How to disaccustom the dog from this vile, from our point of view, habits?

Not at all vile? Just think – ate a bunch! Yes, it’s not disgusting to all of this behavior. But along with feces, myriad pathogens, protozoa, parasites get into the body of the pet, not to mention the toxins that literally poison the body. If the pet is heartily enjoying itself, it can poison so much that detoxification will require droppers, rinsing and prolonged symptomatic therapy. Therefore, you need to immediately wean the dog to eat feces, as soon as you notice a favorite for a favorite of a stranger or his piles.


A month, and sometimes even longer, the pups do not even see their bowel movements, as the mother immediately destroys everything. But with the introduction of complementary food, the dog stops cleaning after the children, only at times eating the most sloppy heaps. Some puppies repeat after their mother, eating their feces. If you do not stop bad behavior in time, imitation of your mother may be the reason why the dog eats its excrement, even when the puppy age is far behind – the pet has become accustomed to doing this since childhood.

Fighting with the habit, under which there is nothing but the habit itself, is quite difficult. Swearing, screaming and physical punishment do not help – the dog, even remembering the consequences, will still act in its own way. Teach your pet “Fu” through the game, always encouraging correct behavior. Longer walk so that the dog defecates only on the street. Did you do anything? Bring the attention of the pet with a tasty slice to work out the reflex “went down – immediately approached the owner – received a reward”.

Wrong diet

All wild relatives of the dog sometimes eat manure to improve digestion. The manure contains bacteria and enzymes that help the stomach to cope with heavy food. In addition, when eating a large amount of meat, the peristalsis of the intestines is reduced, and manure helps wolves and other predators to clear themselves. A domestic dog eats bird droppings, cat or human feces, succumbing to instinct. There is no manure in the cities, so I have to be satisfied with what I found.

This behavior is facilitated by:

  • feeding mainly porridges;
  • feeding one meat;
  • mixed diet (ready-made and natural products);
  • feeding of bones, fatty and salty foods;
  • unbalanced ration, cheap feed;
  • overfeeding;
  • unsuitable goodies or their excess.

Since weaning the dog is feces, when it physically needs to adjust the diet, it is impossible, it will take some time to use the muzzle. To solve the problem, you need to revise the menu, preferably together with a veterinarian. Sometimes calcium preparations or introduction to the diet of multivitamins help. About 60% of dogs that eat natural foods forget the bad habit after switching to a quality dry food. But it’s better not to experiment and immediately go to a nutritionist.

Dysfunction in the digestive tract

The dog is unable to tell us that she has something hurts. And many ailments become visible from the side only when the disease has caused serious damage to the health of the pet. Chronic disorders in the gastrointestinal tract lead to flatulence, problems with defecation, a feeling of heaviness, etc. uncomfortable sensations, because of which the dog eats cat feces or feces of any other animals, hoping to help themselves. Therefore, if an adult has suddenly had such a habit, be sure to visit the clinic, give tests for biochemistry, make an ultrasound – before you bring up, it is important to exclude the physical causes of coprophagy.

Boredom, a sense of abandonment

Typical situation: the dog barks at the noise outside the door – the owner scolds – the dog barks even louder and more often. This is because of the connection that has been created, “I’ll bark – a person will pay attention to me.” The same applies to eating feces: once the dog tried, the owner drew attention, maybe even chased a bully, wanting to punish. Yeah, so he looked at me, you need to bend over a bunch! And what about the fear of punishment?

It’s simple: if a dog eats human excrement (or any other), hoping to attract the attention of a person, she does not think about punishment. First there will be attention, and only then screams and anger. In addition, dogs are afraid of a sense of uselessness stronger than any punishment: the leader can grab at the withers, growl – scary. But it’s much worse if you are excluded from the pack altogether. It turns out that punishment is a kind of proof of belonging to a pack (they bring me up – I need it).

The solution is obvious: to communicate more, to distract games and toys, to drive the dog to the training ground, to study and repeat the simplest commands. To the pet was happy, he needs some occupation, and not just a piece of cheese thrown by the owner as an apology for the lack of time.

Uncertainty, fear

One of the reasons why a dog eats the feces of a cat living with it under one roof is an attempt to regain territory. Feces are the same label, especially if they are not buried under a thick filler layer. And once the cat demonstratively leaves a bunch, then it wants to become the main one. No, really! I will destroy the tags, and the apartment will be mine again. It is the fear of expulsion from a violent place.

Another goal is to hide traces of vital activity, to destroy the smell. And what if other, more powerful predators, will smell our flock? Once the cat is so stupid that he can not clean up after himself, I will have to. This is the fear of attack, because of which many dogs behave nervously in public places, bark at innocuous passers-by and throw themselves at other dogs, even when they do not pay any attention to the coward.

The solution is complex:

  • to distract games, to walk more, to accustom people and loud sounds;
  • love the dog and show her his love every day to develop a sense of confidence in her. “I’m the right member of the pack, the leader will protect me from any misfortune”;
  • accustom to communication with unfamiliar dogs (old acquaintances do not cause fear, so there is no overcoming of fear, and therefore, there is no result);
  • if the dog conflicts with the cat, make every effort to maintain neutrality.

Not understanding

The puppy did the work at home and got it on nuts – they poked him in a pile, yelled, or scolded the newspaper. In general, they were frightened. One puppy will understand – you can not go home. The other will also understand, but differently – when a person sees me next to a heap, he gets angry.

The puppy has grown, he began to pay less attention. The dog tries to understand why she was abandoned: “Maybe I was guilty of something?”. And suddenly on a walk he remembers that “I’m not right next to a handful.” It is not difficult to guess why in such a situation the dog eats feces (its own, others’, whatever) – it tries to eliminate everything that has a bad effect on the attitude of a person to it. Morality? Never scold or beat a dog. Never.

You can raise your voice only when it is literally about life and death issues (shout “Stand”, noticing a rushing car, etc.). By the way, dogs get used to high tones, and gradually stop paying attention to the man’s anger: “Why be frightened? Bates and stops. ”
Seeing that the dog has done something that is objectionable to you, approach, bend over, put your hands on your sides and look angrily into your eyes. You can growl, the dominant aggressive dog can be grabbed by the withers and slightly pressed (slightly!) To the ground.

A panicking dog will still not understand what you want from it. Or understand not what you are trying to explain to her. This leads to the majority of behavioral problems, from barking at an unseasonable hour to uncleanliness, cowardice and the inability to learn the simplest command.


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